How do I search for an event?

You can search events by inserting an address, panning and zooming on the map and refining the date range.

What are the markers of the map?

The markers on the map show the location where the events will be carried out; clicking will open a short description of the event itself with a link to the details page.

What is the number of events a the bottom left side of the map?

It is the number of events that have been selected based on the filters inserted. This link opens a page with the list view of events.

How do I create an event?

The creation of the event is only allowed to registered users and can be done by logging in and clicking on the link LairOut create event. This link is available on the homepage. It opens a page where you must fill in the fields in order to create the event.

I have to be registered in order to create an event?

Yes, the creation of an event is only allowed for registered users.

The event that I create is visible to everyone?

Yes, the event created is public and therefore visible to everyone on LairOut.

Do I have to pay in order to create my events on LairOut?

No, the service is totally free.