Bachata Flash Mob

25 Aug 2013, 01:00pm - 03:00pm - Seattle

created by LairOut Admin

flash mob

1. a group of people mobilized by social media to meet in a public place for the purpose of doing an unusual or entertaining activity of short duration: The Bachata flash mob brought wide smiles to the faces of commuters waiting for their train.


Flash Mob time! Mark your calendars for Aug 25 1pm location Westlake park
- bring a partner
- wear either solid black or solid red attire
- practice the routine

We will meet at Westlake park at 12:45 this Sunday. It is super important you orient yourself at the park and know where the FRONT of the audience is. The FRONT will be the "gate" at the park. The LEFT will be the fountains. The RIGHT will be Sephora. I will make a small announcement before we start the music so you can find your partner.(There might be competing events that day so we might have to relocate or change orientation. Make sure to listen to my announcements.)

Now remember, once the music starts, part I will only be performed by a small number of people so it is super important that you and your partner remember when to come into the routine. Please review the song and practice. (Also, stay with your partner or have them in sight before the mob.)

Lastly, remember this is a flash mob. DISPERSE to all directions when you have finished. DO NOT stand around after it is done. We will aggregate later and take a group picture but that will not happen right away. Just look for me.

I am super excited about this. Thank you for participating. I will see you Sunday =)

**** Note time and location change ****
Learn the routine with us for FREE (donation recommended to help us with room rental)
- Aug 18 Sun 3pm at Salsa n Seattle
- Aug 24 Sat 5:15 pm to 7:00pm at Century Ballroom

Instructional videos:

Watch and learn it yourself or come to our workshops. Keep checking this page for more info as the date draws near.

Note: Part I will NOT be released. The choreo will remain secret until the day of the mob. Please practice the rest of the sections and listen to the music carefully so you can join in at the sections you've practiced. You should practice backwards (ie. part IV then part III then part II)... this way you will be able to finish the song with everyone else.

Part II w/ counts

Part II w/ extra (booty shake)

Part II w/ music

Part III w/ counts

Part III w/ extra info

Part III w/ music

Part IV w/ counts

Part IV w/ music



We are looking for volunteers to help us take pictures/videos during the day of the event. Please enroll your family/friends to come help out!
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